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Round Show Done by Dosen

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Round Show Done by Dosen
Round show is a common term in exhibition industry. However, it would be unique if in a round show, the client prefers to construct the booth with only one design. That is to say, we have to construct the same stand in six different places within a year. What’s more difficult is to make a correspondent effect. The material for the round show stand is definitely not aluminum structure. As we all known, aluminum product can satisfy the need for repeat construction, but the structure would be too stiff and dull to meet the requirement of diversification. Since common material can not do repeat construction and the aluminum structure is too dull, how can our company do this kind of round show?
The following is the round show stand construction for SANY.

First of all, let’s show you the effect drawing.

Coming next is photos in the round show.
This one is the beginning show in the Arts Plaza of Erdos. The Art Plaza is a place with poor infrastructure for exhibition which brings more difficulties for the construction.
Another picture from different angle

A month later in Jinan(the capital city of Shandong Province)

This one is the stand a day before the fair. The carpet was not paved due to the rain.
The construction and decoration for the stand was almost finished. The last step is fixing the carpet which would be done at 7 o’clock the next day. Due to my schedule, I could not see the final effect.
To be continued…