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How to Decorate Your Booth for Attending Trade Show Abroad

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How to Decoration your Booth for Attending Trade Show Abroad
     Recently we got a lot of calls for consulting how to construction their booth delicately when they attend tradeshows oversea. As we all know, enterprises pay a lot of money and energy for attending tradeshow oversea. So it is very important for us to take good advantage of the opportunity to promote our products globally and increase our sell. So it is also very necessary to own a custom booth to separate you from thousands of shell schemes. But Things would get complicated when you attend a tradeshow in a foreign country. We combine our rich experience and professional knowledge in international booth construction to suggest some solutions.
Solution A All-inclusive in China
Words: Home-made (design and construction in China) +Transportation+ Whole team go oversea
Advantage: In this solution, all the processes are charged by domestic company, it’s convenient for communication, so that booth design and construction would be more suitable for this enterprise. Besides if this enterprise is going to attend tradeshow in developed country, the fee would be lower even though they bring the whole team oversea.
Disadvantage: Ocean transportation needs a long time for preparation. And passport would be a problem for a large scale staff.
Suitable company: No subsidiary abroad, exhibition plan has settled for a long time, with long time for preparation, having long-time cooperation company at home, Cost saving in the first place.
Solution B Home-made as a center
Words: Bidding+ Home-made main structure +transportation + setting up abroad
Advantage: It would be cheaper than all made abroad and also convenient for communication. Besides the exhibition company has local subsidiary or cooperated company, it would be smooth when setting up the booth.
Disadvantage: Regarding to Ocean transportation, long time for preparation is needed.
Suitable company: Having a long time for preparation, Cost saving in the first place.
Solution C Combination in and abroad
Words: Bidding+ design at home +construction abroad
Advantages: It’s convenient for communication and would be easier for put enterprise culture to the booth. At the same time, for the exhibition company has cooperated company oversea, they are very familiar with Operation Model. Besides, risks for Ocean transportation can be avoid.
Disadvantage: Cost for labor and material would be higher than the former two solutions.
Suitable company: Emphases on exhibition stand than made in home and transportation, time for preparation is little enough.
Solution D All-inclusive abroad
Words: Bidding abroad+ Local design and construction
Advantages: No need for transportation, local company having good command of local market
Disadvantage: Higher fee for attend tradeshow in developed country, risks for choosing Exhibition Company.
Suitable company: Large-scale Company, who has subsidiary oversea, has cooperate with local exhibition company for more than once.