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National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

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National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai), shorten as NECC, covers a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters among which 1.27 million square meters are above ground, marking itself the worlds largest single block building and exhibition complex in terms of size.

Located in the western part of the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business , the Complex is only 1.5 km away from the Hongqiao Transportation Hub in straight line distance. It connects directly with the Hongqiao Airport and the Hongqiao Railway Station via the citys Metro Line 2. It also enjoys a favorable traffic condition with only 1 to 2 hours drive to major cities in the Delta thanks to the developed expressway network.

Complex consists of four main parts, namely: the exhibition halls, the commercial center, the office buildings and the hotel area. The four parts are connected by an 8-meter-high Exhibition boulevard, through which people can stroll in the four areas easily. The Complex has an exhibition area totaling 500,000 square meters including 400,000 m2 indoor exhibition halls and 100,000 m2 outdoor areas, an 8- meter- high Exhibition boulevard. The indoor exhibition halls include 13 big halls(28,800 m2 each) and 3 small halls(10,000 m2 each). All the exhibition halls are directly accessible by freight carriers. In the north wing on the 1st floor, there are 4 big halls and a small one(each with a ground load capacity of 5 tons/m2 and ample power supply). Except for one big hall which is a double-decker structure, the other four halls all offer a single-floor and column-free space with an interior net height of 32 meters, hence particularly suitable for exhibitions of heavy industrial products. In the south wind of the 1st floor, there are 4 big double-decker halls(each with a ground load capacity 3.5 tons/m2, a 27m*36m column grid and 11 meters of net height. The 5 big halls and 2 small ones on the 2nd floor are adequate for most exhibition types(each with a ground load capacity of 1.5 tons/m2and a net height of 16 meters and 36m*54m column-grid for the big halls). Around the exhibition halls are various conference facilities composed by over 60 meeting rooms of different sizes. The meeting rooms can sit from dozens to 3000 conference attendees. The government of Shanghai has considerately planned two waiting area for large freight carriers and three parting areas with ample lots around the Complex and an advanced transportation system to split the traffic and pedestrian flows as well as people and products. Therefore, the safety and smoothness can be guaranteed in exhibition booth setting up and dismantling with a well-controlled traffic and orderly manner. 

The commercial center in the middle of Complex closely connected to exhibition halls and directly reachable via metro lines is a place where people may find not only services such as meeting rooms, VIP Lounges and information desk but also cuisines, entertainment, marketing displays as a highlight of the Complex boutique shops, to name just a few, the commercial center aims to support the exhibition functions leverage the exhibition economy enhance the business value and satisfy the demands from various walks of life. Three office buildings and one 5-star hotel are situated at the four leaf tips of the shamrock- shaped Complex. The Complex also boasts an open exhibition area of 100,000 m2, a 10,000 m2 central plaza, a 10,000 m2 multi- functional showroom and an 8- meter-high Exhibition Boulevard. The flexible space and layout enable the Complex to hold all kinds of economic trading, cultural ,entertaining events whether at the global, national, or regional level.

The exhibition halls in the north wind put into function in September, 2014,the remaining halls opened in March 2015 and the whole Complex shall run officially in June 2015.Along with these, a great number of international and domestic exhibitions in large scales and of significant impact and widespread effects will be held here.

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